Introducing  Super Bloom

What we do 

Super Bloom is an emerging plant practice which brings plant expertise, dynamic living beauty and diversity to urban, landscape, residential, creative projects and spaces.

We see no bounds on where plant beauty can and cannot be. Nor what beauty is or is not. 

Advisory services specialise in tailored plant selection, planting plans, design reviews, curated plant communities, successional seasonal beauty and crafted ephemeral experiences through 'gardens' and 'meadows'.

We are educators and engagement specialists and can tailor professional development, consensus decision making and learning experiences for your teams and communities.



Why we do it 

There is a hunger for beauty. Plants are essential to our practice in bringing living beauty. We recognise the increasing importance of plant diversity and the role of plants for our bodies, hearts and minds.   

Our practice is agnostic in our plant selection and we tailor our selection to our clients, the space and the work at hand. 

We see gardening and the use of plants as part of the creative realm, as an art form and craft. Plant specialists bring valuable expertise and consideration to multi-disciplinary teams and major projects, especially in the commencement of projects.  Led by Jac Semmler 

We love a 'plant nerd', so contact us to chat about living beauty for your project.